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Latest Research

The RBI continuously generates research reports needed by the FM industry. Some of the newest reports focus on different aspects of the Return on Investment for IFMA credentials/certification, Operations and Maintenance benchmarking, FM industry best practices/good practices, and a few other areas. Learn more »

Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library (KL) has been one of IFMA’s best value-added benefits to IFMA members. The FM-focused products (both paid and non-paid subscription) eliminate the void of an FM community, thereby improving the needs of all FMs. The KL is an asset and testament to the new vision IFMA has in supporting members’ needs. This significant and ever-increasing body of documents seeks to increase awareness of viable products most needed by the FM community. Learn more »

Benchmark Exchange

The RBI benchmark platform is currently in a transitional state. The opportunity exists to benefit from this updated platform in the future. This tool seeks to afford FMs the opportunity to examine their company’s benchmark data, as compared with other participants, from a higher-level than previously available. Learn more »

IFMA Store

The IFMA Bookstore displays and sells the IFMA digital products most valued by its members. Learn more »