About Us


The vision in developing the FM RBI was to centralize the IFMA research department and IFMA Foundation research efforts under one organization. The stakeholders determined that the best possible solution for generating and advancing FM research would be an institute dedicated to the needs of current facility managers and to developing streams that would continue to support the IFMA Foundation’s work on growing the next generation of FMs.

The IFMA FM RBI was in the design stage for a few years before implementation. Through a series of meetings with multiple groups within IFMA and the IFMA Foundation, and combined with empirical research on existing models of institutes within the private and public sectors, the IFMA FM RBI was created.


Provide global leadership in advancing the facility management profession and improving the built environment through academic and applied research and benchmarking studies.


To be the most trusted source of research and related products advancing the global body of knowledge that supports a resilient built environment and Facility Management Services Industry.


  • To provide global research strategy support to all IFMA boards in developing processes to support future research development.
  • To provide IFMA members with the best possible research from the academic and applied sectors of FM.
  • To provide IFMA and non-IFMA members opportunities to attend facility-management-research-based events.
  • To provide the best possible FM-based research at an economical cost from both a global and regional perspective.
  • To provide futurist, thought-provoking FM research and develop paradigms.


The RBI is focused on providing the best possible FM research products to a broad spectrum of market segments. The ability to convene facility management subject matter experts in pursuit of refining FM research is critical to the FM industry. Furthermore, the desire to support global strategies in leveraging global expertise is a testament to IFMA members and their desire to seek the best possible resources in supporting their professional responsibilities.

RBI Founders Circle

The IFMA FM Research and Benchmarking Institute has been established to fund industry research critical to supporting the role of facility management as a strategic business partner. With your support, we can expand the FM knowledge base, ensuring that the professionals who maintain and safeguard our facilities have access to tools and resources of the highest caliber — now and into the future.

Our Founders Circle supporters have demonstrated a deep commitment to FM’s future and played a key role in establishing a solid foundation for the institute, ensuring its growth and success. An investment of US$50,000 per year ensures the contributor’s place in the founder’s circle for a five-year period.