The RBI provides benchmarking products to professionals active in the FM field. These benchmarking products have historically focused on: operations and maintenance, space and project management key performance indicators, health care benchmarks, and other areas of FM interest. Future benchmark reports will engage unique partners who previously were not involved in benchmarking but who have been determined to be potentially strong contributors to the industry.


The RBI benchmarking process is methodically driven based on the key performance indicators identified in answering the key research questions proposed. This process joins IFMA subject matter experts, contractors, collaborators, and RBI staff in the task of developing the best, most useful products in the FM industry. The RBI process is grounded in traditional benchmarking techniques for identifying the best possible key performance indicators.

FM Research and Benchmarking Institute benchmark/research studies by title for 2020 Type of Update Project Launch Most recent year of data Project Delivery
Operations and Maintenance North America Index Sep 2019 2018 Oct 2020
Operations and Maintenance North America Full survey Aug 2020 2019 Apr 2021
Operations and Maintenance Asia Full survey Oct 2019 2018/2019 Jan 2021
Operations and Maintenance European Union Full survey May 2020 2018/2019 Feb 2021
Operations and Maintenance Middle East Full survey Jul 2020 2018/2019 Apr 2021
Operations and Maintenance Caribbean Full survey May 2021 2019/2020 Jan 2022
Operations and Maintenance Global Yearly Continuous 2018/2019 Continuous


Benchmark Platform IFMA store
Resource Advantage Platform Sept 14, 2020

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