FM Research


The RBI feeds the FM research process from the following streams: IFMA members, IFMA regional and global boards of directors, secondary external research reports and non-IFMA facility managers. Through a series of collaborative efforts, RBI research focuses on critical areas of interest to IFMA members supported by implementing applied and academic FM research techniques. The goal is to provide research that will sustain and drive the FM industry by equipping FM industry participants with game-changing information on the latest data and trends.


The RBI research process incorporates multiple data streams and expertise to craft the best possible FM research and benchmarking data for use by IFMA members. Select research supports regional efforts in facilitating the development of needed products (provided resources are available). The RBI also incorporates IFMA and non-IFMA FM subject matter experts in the development of targeted research products.

When appropriate, the RBI will modify its process to provide a more refined product. The RBI’s goal is not to re-examine longstanding issues, but rather to develop new content where appropriate, update existing beneficial content and expand into new areas of FM that were not defined or well validated, and aim to reduce or eliminate FM research gaps.

New Research Studies

FM Research and Benchmarking Institute research studies by title for 2018 IFMA Store post
Operations and Maintenance II  December 2018
Return on Investment in Attaining IFMA Credentials/Certifications (company focus)  October 2018
Best Practices/Good Practices in Facility Management – A Knowledge Translation Perspective  March 2019
Operations and Maintenance: index survey  June 2019
Operations and Maintenance in Health Care benchmark study  August 2019

Open RFPs

The RBI supports transparency of requests for proposals distributed and/or posted for more than US$50,000 (research projects vary in price and sometimes exceed this threshold; hence the communication channel for future applicants).

Research Application

For companies and individuals wanting to collaborate with the RBI on future projects, the RBI research application facilitates the opportunity to thoroughly propose a project. The research application is a comprehensive document outlining the process and types of measurement used in examining submitted applications to enable transparency.

Access the research application (.pdf) »

Research Subscription Cost

IFMA Research Subscription Cost
This opportunity allows IFMA members to purchase research reports at a discounted rate. Member price = US$295 to US$195 per report = US$500 savings
The minimum requirement is five reports – they do not have to be purchased at once. This amounts to a $100 discount per report and applies to the newest reports published in the last three years. Non-member price = US$445 to US$375 per report = US$350 savings

Request for proposal

Stay tuned for details on and resources related to the RFP process.