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As sustainability, urban infrastructure, workplace innovation and smart technology continue to transform the built environment, facility managers need to stay current to stay competitive. An industry-supported by 25 million professionals worldwide, facility management has progressed from a tactical role to a strategic discipline. Today’s FMs needs leading-edge resources — best practices, benchmarking, toolkits and training — to meet heightened demands.

The RBI can help in this effort only by strategically collaborating with companies, individuals and organizations that believe in the RBI mission, and who support the generation of research products, benchmark data, research symposiums and tools that benefit facility managers.

Why it matters

The RBI prides itself on its independence, yet we understand the RBI cannot pay for all proposed research expenses. We see here an opportunity to support selected research partners by collaborating on targeted research efforts. These research products and events stand as testaments to the invested interest of IFMA and the FM industry, as well as to the desire to provide quality products to IFMA members and non-IFMA members.

As a part of this collaborative process, lead sponsors invest in a quality research institute for a specific outcome supported by both groups. Through these partnerships, the goal is to develop research products, execute high-caliber research events and build upon the RBI’s future vision.

How you can help

Underwriters and sponsors can assist by:

Sponsorship opportunities

Founders Circle

Provide initial institute funding of US$50,000 per year for a five-year commitment. Founders Circle members become part of the RBI at the ground level in strategizing future endeavors. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity affords any Founders Circle member the ability to partner with the RBI on a strategic level in support of developing a self-sustaining entity.

Contributors to the Founders Circle receive:
  1. Access to early release of research publications
  2. Opportunity to submit a topic for and moderate an event roundtable
  3. Opportunity to observe think tanks
  4. Preview of annual research agenda
  5. Full-page advertorial in published research reports

Contact to join the Founders Circle or for more information.

Research Reports

The RBI is expanding on the existing IFMA and IFMA Foundation research stream and has two years of projected FM research reports in development for potential sponsors to consider. The RBI is also open to identifying common interests with potential sponsors for the development of future research.

FM Research and Benchmark Institute Sponsorship Opportunities
Annual Facilities Cost benchmark report (North America) Open
Operations and Maintenance benchmark study (European Union) Open
Operations and Maintenance benchmark study (Asia) Open
Operations and Maintenance Middle East benchmark report Open
FM Trends report Open
FM Salary report Open

Research report sponsorship form (.pdf) »

RBI Benchmark Platform

Support the redevelopment of a benchmarking platform for FMs who need comparative tools to conduct their jobs. Based on the sponsorship/underwriting level, this opportunity gives interested parties three- to six-months’ access (up to a year) to newly populated data.

RBI Benchmark Sponsorship form (.pdf) »